Episode 13 - Michael Gargiulo


Michael Gargiulo is currently awaiting trial in Los Angeles County Jail, for the violent murders of three women, along with one failed attempted murder.
All of the accused murders are of women Gargiulo presumably stalked, until he broke into their homes and stabbed them to death.

Most recently, Gargiulo has plead not guilty by reason of insanity. The next court hearing is June 8, 2018.

Episode 12 - Edward Wayne Edwards (Pt. 2)


In the last episode, we went over the confirmed murders of American serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards.

His first confirmed murder was committed when Edwards was in his 40's - and it's pretty unlikely that it was truly his first killing.

This episode covers the suspected crimes of Edwards, going off of the book by John Cameron "Its Me: Edward Wayne Edwards, the Serial Killer You've Never Head About."

Includes such gems as the black dahlia, west memphis 3, atlanta child murders, Zodiac, and more!

Episode 11 - Edward Wayne Edwards (Pt. 1)


Edward Wayne Edwards was a career criminal, who wouldn't be caught for any of the murders he committed until thirty years later when his daughter sees a program about a cold case on television. Her tip leads to Edwards confessing to five homicides, and it's likely that these weren't his only murders. As it turns out, Edwards wrote an autobiography in the early 70's, detailing his criminal escapades.

Episode 10 - James Edward Wood


James Edward Wood was a serial rapist, child molester,armed robber and murderer with several attempted murders under his belt. When he wasn't raping, killing and robbing, he was painting beautiful landscapes on antiques. This episode details Wood's early life, into his criminal career. The majority of Wood's crimes occurred in Louisiana and Idaho, between 1969-1992.

This episode contains graphic content relating to rape, child molestation, necrophilia, body dismemberment, murder, attempted murder, and animal abuse.

Episode 7 - Hello Kitty Murders / Rainy Night Butcher


The Hello Kitty Murder was a shock to the city of Hong Kong, as a disturbing homicide involving a brutal, weeks long torture of a woman was revealed after her boiled skull was discovered inside a plush Hello Kitty mermaid doll.

This episode also features the Rainy Night Butcher case, where Hong Kong's second serial killer Lam Kor-wan strangled and mutilated several women while working as a taxi cab driver.


Episode 6 - Sharon Kinne


This week's episode features an American female serial killer....who is not Eileen Wuornos! In this new episode, I detail the murders committed by Sharon Kinne in the 1960's. This housewife would shoot three people to death, showing us some real sociopathic colors by blaming her first murder on.....her two year old daughter. And it only escalates from there, with a real twist ending.

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